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  • "Sharply honed and fine tuned physical inspired piece of vaudevillian theater. As important and entertaining as the clowns on stage is musician-clown Benjamin Domask-Ruh. He bangs away at a honky-tonk piano that's in deliciously ill-repair; strums a tiny banjo; supplies timed sound effects with percussion and a theremin and contributes bits of comedy himself. " -Blogcritics ★★★★

“Thank you so much for your performance last night – the audience was laughing, the participatory aspects were fantastic, comedy integration was so fun, and I appreciated your organized and professional set up with the beforehand music, prompts, and how the three of you were well rehearsed – it definitely showed and made the performance run so smoothly!”

Paige Marschall Bigler - Recreation Programming Specialist - City of Hastings, 2021

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