Four mice welcome a new mouse to their kingdom, ruled by an evil fat cat. An existential absurdist tale of society, capitalism, broken friendships, and civil disobedience. 

Devising Ensemble:
Benjamin Domask-Ruh, Alex Hathaway, Vlad Messing, Neal Skoy, Joshua Zapata-Palmer

Fat Cat Fall

Directed/Written by: Devising Ensemble
Produced by: Afton Benson
Performed at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota in Febuary/March of 2017.
Music by: Mimi Gennhaimer
Lighting Design by: Benjamin Domask-Ruh
Mouse Puppet by Alex Hathaway
Set Design by Nate Farley and Vlad Messing
Cheese Props by Tori Domask-Ruh

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