Written by Thom Wall over the course of four years, Benjamin was asked to be the Pedagogical Editor to ensure the layout of drills and exercises flowed in a logical style. He clarified language to be direct and accessible while keeping the author’s voice. He helped create diagrams to explain the process of juggling visually. He was the juggler in the time exposure photographs to visualize the flight patterns of juggling patterns. 

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Juggling: What It Is and How To Do It

Publisher: Modern Vaudeville Press
Author: Thom Wall
Publication Date: 8/31/2020
ISBN: 978-1-7339712-5-6
Other Contributors: Thom Wall, Benjamin Domask-Ruh, Jay Gilligan, Fritz Grobe, Matt Hall (foreword)
List Price: $25
Book Format: 6×9” paperback, appx 225 pages

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